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Meet Our People

An incredible team, dedicated to making an impact.

We hold the quality of work we produce to a level of excellence. Our team’s level of commitment enables our confidence in being able to surpass expectations in the ways which we serve you.

Elisabeth Dawson

Our Executive Team


Elisabeth is the founder of Copia Wealth Management & Insurance Services and Copia Wealth Management Advisors Inc., organizations that provide comprehensive financial advising coupled with education to help clients achieve their desired wealth goals. Elisabeth is the author of Wealth By Design: Ways To Love Your Retirement, which she wrote in an effort to simplify the complexity of money and further her passion for educating others. Elisabeth is dedicated to making knowledge accessible to everyone possible through Ways To Love Your Money.

Jennifer Miller - General Manager
Barbara D'Agostino - Marketing Director
Melissa Flores -Client Relations Supervisor
Rachael Scherbaum - Executive Services Admin

Our Marketing Team

Our team works hard to get our free, educational content in front of everyone who can benefit. We also offer ongoing support for WTLYM partners, including how to reach ideal clientele, creating strategic calls to action and maximizing viewership in order to funnel clients into your process.

Be A Part Of A Financial Education Revolution. Join Us Today.

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