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As the producer and host, I am honored to have this opportunity to introduce you to Ways To Love Your Money, a financial education media platform. Our mission is to help empower people to achieve financial success in their lives through education; with a goal of educating the mass population on having a better relationship with their money.

With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, I have witnessed how a lack of formal education in personal finances has created a distorted reality in the way money is viewed. Money is an emotional topic driven by anxiety. This fear that is many times associated with money can lead people to plan poorly and miss opportunities to dream of bigger futures in financial excellence. With all that said, this is why having proper financial education and a good relationship with money is so important!

In 2017 I published the book “Wealth By Design” in an effort to help educate people on having a secure and confident relationship with money. The nationwide impact of the book led to the creation of Ways To Love Your Money. With the help of passionate professionals like myself, we now publish new content on a weekly basis, focused on bettering one’s financial relationships.


Elisabeth Dawson

Our passion lays in building more professional relationships in which we band together to bring forth the message of creating healthy relationships with money and inspire people to work toward achieving their best lives.

Together, we can educate everyone on the most important subject in their lives!


Elisabeth Dawson

By the Numbers

1 %
lack control

Americans who say they will never be able to retire

1 %
live in fear

Baby Boomers who fear running out of their savings more than death

1 %
Have no plan

Americans with no financial plan


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